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Our exotic pet section houses legally permitted reptiles with a wide variety of snakes, lizards, chameleons and geckos. We stock from House- and Corn snakes and some of their more popular morphs to Rat-, Milk- and King snakes, as well as Boas and Pythons. We usually have a selection of Frilled, Crested, Ground and Day geckoes available, and a variety of exotic chameleons, such as Panthers, Veiled and Carpets. Because we have such a small population of legally permitted reptiles in the Western Cape compared to the other provinces, we try to keep the local gene-pool as diverse as possible and buy reptiles from breeders all over the country.


Not only can we source and supply your exotic pet, we stock everything they require in terms of specialised terrariums, vivariums and set-ups, as well as a wide variety of feeder-insects and rodents, proprietary supplements and treatments.



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